Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness

The Mission of Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness

The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness or CCEP is one of the many emergency agencies in North America that upholds awareness of appropriate, timely and practical training for emergency preparedness of family, companies, private and public organizations. The Centre is operating under a non-profit model. The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness believes that the ultimate weapon against disaster is knowledge and skills. Get to know more about the organization and learn how you can be a big part of their activities.

According to the mission statement of the organization, the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness supports the existence of disaster management team in a company. Moreover, the Centre feels that is their duty to improve the skills and knowledge of those in the position. The vision statement of CCEP is to become the ultimate resource of disaster management teams in developing disaster resilient society.

The Canadian Centre of Emergency Preparedness is currently concentrating its activities and promotion of its mission and vision on these five areas: disaster management practices and principles, education and training, career development, research results and products and services.

Under the disaster management practices and principles division, the Centre promotes methodologies such as the Ten Professional Practices for Business Continuity and the Incident Command System, conforming to standards set by agencies such as ISO, NFPA and CSA and also promotes programs like the Community Emergency Response Volunteer program and the Partnerships for Safer Communities.

In the field of disaster training and education, the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness is also the authority in recognizing private and public institutions that offer post graduate and post secondary business continuity and risk management courses. CCEP also strives to encourage more students to pursue a career or profession in emergency preparedness and disaster management. The Centre partners with certifying agencies such as the DRIE, BCI, DRIC, DRII, CEPA and IAEM.

The organization also has a knack in numbers and figures. That is why the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness partners with agencies that conduct research on disaster management. Public warnings, research results dissemination and information credibility are the key areas of CCEP�s research division.

For those who wish to avail or be a part of CCEP�s undertakings, you may participate in the Annual World Conference on Disaster Management, with registration details posted at the WCDM website. For training an

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