Twitchers??? The 411 on the Bird Walking

Twitchers Go For Bird Walking

Bird watching is a very popular and addictive hobby not just in America, but all over the world. The official name for bird watchers is �twitchers�. One of the perks of being a twitcher is that the hobby is not very expensive and can be done anywhere. The price of equipment is minimal or as maximum as you want. One of the relaxing and pleasant ways to get to know Mother Nature is to go on a bird walk around where you live or where you vacation.

Equipment Needed

Most of this equipment is optional for bird walking. You might not care about identifying every little brown bird you see � you might find that just looking at them is reward enough. But if you are curious, bird identification guides are a good investment. Only get the field guides of birds in the areas you do your bird walking. Field guides for the birds of the world are not only fabulously expensive, but weigh a ton.

You do need good footwear for bird watching. The shoes or boots need to be sturdy, comfortable and with a minimum of heel. Depending on where you might walk to follow a bird, you might get into some (literally) sticky situations, so don�t wear you best shoes. Some people prefer to walk in shoe-boots, some in Wellington boots. If you are only going around your neighborhood or to tourist bird walking tours, then a pair of sneakers is all right.

Binoculars are also optional, but recommended, especially if you are nearsighted. They needn�t be a huge expensive pair � they could even be pair of tiny opera glasses. This way you can watch the birds without startling them by getting too close for their comfort. Binoculars can take a little getting used to, so practice first before going bird walking.

Twitching Vacations

There are vacation packages catered just for those who love bird walking. You can find them online or ask your favorite travel agent. You could also take vacations close to nature parks or preserves and do your bird walking then. You can choose from staying at a hotel, a vacation rental home or camping out. Before you go, pack for any kind of weather. Also pack your sense of humor. Nature rarely performs on schedule.

If you think it might be sunny, be sure to wear a hat or at least use sunscreen. You will also need bottles of water, tissues and hard candy or jellybeans to stave off the worst hunger pangs. You could pack a picnic with you, but you might just get caught up in the moment and stay out past your usual dinnertime and need something to get you back home.

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