Explorer Tool PAK

$150 $250
  • With this Explorer Tool PAK you are ready for anything.

  • The All-Purpose Smittybilt Combo Knife is the perfect knife to store in your Jeep for all purposes

  • . The Smittybilt Trail Axe is made from 402 stainless and has a unswept heat treated 4” x 7.5” Axe Blade for improved chopping efficiency.

  • The handle is made from ergonomic nylon reinforced material so you can comfortably use the axe.

  • The axe has a built in survival kit and includes the following: Medical tape, Sewing needle, Fishing line, Match sticks and a compass that is built into the end of the handle.

  • Includes One Smittybilt TRU Knife, One Smittybilt Trail Machete and One Smittybilt Trail Axe
  • TRU Knife is a 7.75” blade, 3” OAL
  • Trail Machete has a 13.75” blade, 19” OAL
  • Trail Axe includes survival kit with built in compass