When you get caught in the elements, Survivalist HQ helps you get home safe

Survivalist HQ-a premier online store to buy prepping and survival gadgets. From our collection, you will find value and standard that meets your needs. Each of our product we equip is specifically created by experts that deals in high-tech industries. Our online catalog is prudently arranged and thoughtfully maintained following your demands. From our tech-savvy and diverse substantial, you can choose survival kits, knives, gun conversion kits, military, and many more.


“Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best”

With our gears and gadgets, you can easily prepare yourself at any place for any disaster. When you create your survival gears from scratch, it takes time and money; eventually, you will run out of both. We are here to unravel and resolve your challenges in a unique system. A system that will help you follow and discover survival instincts that start within.


“To deliver tier one products.”

We founded the Survivalist HQ with our major focus on high-quality survival kits, customer service, and a never-ending online experience. We are passionate about listening, inspiring, empowering you, and bringing all of your ideas alive. Get yourself prominent and classy today. Our vision is your satisfaction. So we hope to give you the best survival designs and templates that satiate you.


“Ease, survival & satisfaction”

Trust and Customer Experience

Your trust derives from us. We work hard for our customers and provide them the service they expect.

Easy Shopping and Shipping

We have a firm and user-friendly interface for easy checkouts. We offer you fast and reliable shipping. We firmly work on package tracking and deliver you the shipping info as soon as possible. We strictly keep your information confidential.

Save Money, Save Time

We offer discounts and promotions to our recurring customers. You can experience our latest equipment at affordable prices.

Durable and Long-Lasting Products

Our products revolve around the design that seamlessly fits your body structure and easy-to-handle tools that you can use anywhere. Our long-lasting and enduring gadgets help you to engage in the survival you need.

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Pay for the value, not for the price.”

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