12 Survivors

Ultimate Survivors Hunting Knife

Survivors Hunter Knife is constructed out of full tang steel to bring you a quality slicing, cutting or stabbing instrument. Equipped with a paracord handle, the 12 Survivors Hunter Knife is easy to grip and maintain positive control while in use. The paracord can be removed and be used for a multitude of applications ranging from securing it to a stick for use as a spear, setting up a snare, starting a fire or any other applications that may arise. The 12 Survivors Hunter Knife can be hung from a belt loop or secured to the shoulder strap of your pack, ensuring an offensive hunting tool or defensive lifesaver is never out of reach.
  • SUS42OJ2 steel blade and handle
  • Nylon sheath with buckle pocket
  • Removable paracord handle for multiple applications
  • Overall length 10.24 inches
  • Blade length 6.5 inches