Birchwood Casey

48 inch Scoped Case I Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit I Hearing Protection I Eye Protection I Targets I Rifle Beginners Kit


The Birchwood Casey Rifle Beginners Kit offers everything the beginning rifle shooter needs to get started; just add ammo. Complete with a 48 inch scoped rifle case, an American made gun cleaning kit, and 24db passive low profile hearing protection. Kit also includes yellow tinted shooting glasses that meet ANSI Z81 specifications and a 5 pack of 12" Sight-In Shoot-N-C reactive targets so you know exactly where your shots are hitting.

  • 48" scoped rifle case
  • Universal rifle cleaning kit
  • 24 db passive low profile hearing protection
  • Yellow tinted shooting glasses that meet ANSI Z81 specs
  • Shoot-N-C 12" Sight-In Target-5 pack